Kaanbal Suut

Strengthening internal capacities and leadership of civil society organizations in the Yucatan Peninsula

The Project

Kaanbal Suut aims to strengthen the capacities, leadership, and networking opportunities of organized civil society groups in the Yucatan Peninsula to promote the scope of their projects and thereby advance the conservation and sustainability impacts of natural resources in the region.


Kaanbal Suut is an initiative created in 2021 by FMCN, with the support of The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and currently operated by Sureste Sostenible. The project arises with the interest of strengthening organized civil society groups (alliances, civil associations, collectives, cooperatives, and networks) and promoting their success in advancing the impacts on the conservation and sustainability of natural resources strategically on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The project's innovative design incorporates relevant aspects of the context derived from the COVID-19 pandemic and the main social, economic, and environmental challenges experienced by organized groups in the Yucatan Peninsula. Throughout the year, the training the groups receive incorporates innovative topics that integrate the most relevant needs identified by the regional organizations. The learning format is mostly virtual and combines theoretical and practical aspects, making the learning processes and experiences effective and attractive.

The project is divided into four learning modules: Strategic Planning, Talent Management, Financial Sustainability, and Communication. Community Workshops are held monthly for all the organized groups that comprise the Kaanbal Suut network. These sessions focus on innovative topics such as fiscal risks, digital transition, personal and group development, and territorial defense. Likewise, throughout the year, spaces are facilitated for the three generations of the Kaanbal Suut Community to connect, exchange knowledge, and explore ways to collaborate.

The lines of work that guide the actions of Kaanbal Suut are:

  1. Training and assistance to the 20 selected organizations that met the selection process requirements.
  2. Institutional strengthening of organized groups in the Yucatan Peninsula that work with and/or are led by women, youth, and/or indigenous groups.
  3. Facilitation of virtual spaces for all the organized groups that make up the Kaanbal Suut network to strengthen their networking opportunities and reinforce the capacities of all the groups.

The Kaanbal Suut project seeks to strengthen the internal capacities and leadership of civil society organizations and networks in the Yucatan Peninsula.


As a result of the two versions of the project, 40 organized civil society groups have been strengthened, 100 leaders have been trained, and more than five partnerships have been established through the Kaanbal Suut network.

During the first half of 2023, Kaanbal Suut has continued its commitment to promote development in the environmental sector in the Yucatan Peninsula through its third project cycle. This edition provides training to a new set of 20 organizations dedicated to environmental projects. The process was launched with the opening of the call from January 30 to March 12, registering 32 participating groups. May marked the beginning of the new edition with a three-day in-person launch workshop in Yucatán. This workshop began the Learning Community process, extending throughout the year with the 2023 generation.

To date, two of the four modules of the project have been successfully completed, addressing crucial topics such as Strategic Planning, Human Talent Management, Financial Sustainability, and External Communication. In addition, three of the six monthly workshops planned for the community have been held, where the three generations of the project actively participate. At these meetings, the opportunity is provided to present innovative topics by experts to benefit all participating groups.

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Donor: The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Partner: Sureste Sostenible, A.C.