Capacity Development

The conservation of nature is only possible through the consolidation of professional expertise and personal leadership, as well as institutional competitiveness and capacities for sustainable development.


citizen participation forums supported


people participating in training programs


strategic alliances operating

FMCN designs, promotes and implements innovative financing mechanisms, as well as particular leadership and training projects that promote the well-being of rural communities and the conservation of biodiversity in Mexico. We consolidate professional competencies and personal leadership, as well as competitiveness and institutional capacities for sustainable development.


a. 50,000 people participate in and benefit directly and indirectly from the training processes.

b.100 leaders acquire specific skills and capabilities to advance their conservation achievements.

c. 50 organizations improve their institutional effectiveness index.

d. 60 community businesses maintain or increase their profitability.

e. 416 analysis, discussion and citizen participation forums are functioning and are effective.

f. 62 strategic alliances operating.