Open Calls for Consultants

Consultancy Openings

FMCN has three external strategic goals through which it operates and finances subprojects presented by local organizations that meet requirements.

The calls for proposals are periodically published in this section. You can find open opportunities here if you have an initiative that requires funding. Please check if your proposal aligns with the project objectives and your organization meets the outlined conditions.

Openings are currently only published in Spanish.

The consultants we hire aid us in meeting sub-project goals.

FMCN | Consultoría para la homologación y análisis de datos de monitoreo comunitario de biodiversidad, suelo, potrero ganadero y agua de los proyectos RÍOS y CONECTA

Llevar a cabo la descarga, homologación, análisis y generación de reportes de datos (dashboards) recopilados a través de monitoreos comunitarios de biodiversidad, suelo, potrero ganadero y agua de los proyectos RÍOS y CONECTA.

Deadline: 2024-06-03.

See criteria and how to apply:

BRIDGE | Working Groups Program

Forever Costa Rica (FCR) seeks a team of consultants to design a Working Groups Program and facilitate virtual sessions for staff of Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) members of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds (RedLAC) and the Consortium of African Funds for the Environment (CAFÉ) on issues related to private sector engagement with biodiversity conservation efforts. This program is part of the BRIDGE Project, an initiative financially supported by the French Facility for the Global Environment (FFEM) and the MAVA Foundation.

Deadline: 2024-05-24.

See criteria and how to apply: