Private Coastal Lands Fund

Supporting coastal priority areas in northwestern Mexico

The Project

The objective of the Private Coastal Lands Fund is to protect priority coastal landscapes so that they maintain their landscape integrity in the Northwest region of Mexico.


Since 2012, Resources Legacy Funds (RLF) and FMCN established the Private Coastal Lands Fund with contributions made by RLF. Currently, this fund supports the conservation and management of six private lands located in the following strategic sites: 1) Valle de Los Cirios; 2) Magdalena Bay; 3) San Quintin; 4) San Cosme Corridor; 5) Sinaloa Wetlands; and 6) Marismas Nacionales.

The lines of work that guide the actions of the Coastal Private Lands Fund are:

  1. Land monitoring and management, restoration activities, relocation expenses, and personnel costs associated.
  2. Payment of property and other taxes, and advice on maintaining and documenting land ownership rights.
  3. Minor infrastructure repairs and replacements, signage, and other similar investments to support the management and protection of natural resources on the land.

This fund supports the operation and management of six private lands located in strategic conservation sites.


Since 2013, the Private Coastal Lands Fund has financed six subprojects of four local organizations that own private land designated as voluntary conservation areas or environmental management units and that are located in strategic sites in Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sinaloa, and Nayarit. The project has achieved the payment of the property tax of the six private lands that allow 37,566.52 hectares to be conserved, while the organizations have implemented conservation and management actions.

During the second half of 2023, technical and administrative monitoring was provided to the six subprojects executed by the four organizations carrying out the project. These subprojects have had a positive impact on the conservation and management of private lands. They have especially focused on carrying out supervision and surveillance tours, as well as paying property taxes, which has helped avoid environmental crimes and guarantee the legal certainty of the land. Biological monitoring was carried out on the lands of three organizations, and visitor registration was carried out for good tourism management in two of them.

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